Local SEO Tips Your Competitors Are Neglecting

Don’t do that … Don’t sit there and let your competitors get ahead of you. At all times, you need to be one step ahead of you, and I have found a way! During my free time at new year I learned about so many things – to name a few.

Local SEO Glasgow – What my competition has been up to, and local SEO tips.


Today, in this particular posting, I want to help my readers stay a step ahead of their competition, and that’s why I am offering the local SEO tips that your competitors have probably been neglecting.



Get Your Title and Description Straight

When it comes to those search results, you don’t have a whole lot of space to get your point across, make sure you use this marketing space wisely.

For starters, the title and description should promote your brand. In the page title, avoid using generic terms and also, this isn’t the place to explain your business to people.

For example, let’s say you have your title for your home page named “home.” If this is the case, then this is what’s going to show up in the SERP. Is this really what you want your potential customers to see? Just as the first impression is made when you walk into a door, often times, the first thing a person sees about your website is the title and description. With that said, make a good impression and do more than put “home” in the title.

Search Trends

This one may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people neglect to search trends. When creating those keywords, set some time to the side to search trends. As you’re marketing your brand, it wouldn’t be a bright idea to guess at your keywords. Take local SEO services Glasgow as an example – that’s a keyword I developed after keyword research.

Make Sure Your NAP is Consistent (name, address + postcode)

The business address should look the same across all websites. For example, if you have your street address as 22 Mt. View Ave and you abbreviate the “mountain” part with “Mt., ” then that’s how you should have it across all of the other sites. By doing this, you can prevent potential customers from being confused.

Track Your Ads

You need to track those ads because they contain keyword tags. You can eliminate the ads that aren’t as effective. You will want to keep the tags and keywords that make your ads better.

Write More Content

You need to post content on your site on a routine basis. I’m telling you to do this, because you want to make your site look fresh. If you don’t post content, your site will start to look outdated, and this isn’t something you want when you’re trying to increase your traffic/customers.

So there you have it – local SEO tips that your customers are probably neglecting. Jump right in there and start using these tips before others get a hold of them! If you have a business in Glasgow, then these tips will work great for local SEO and anywhere else in the world.

Mark Slorance
Mark Slorance

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