What are the benefits of hiring a local SEO agency?

The truth is that most businesses serve a local audience so working with a marketing team or SEO professional that understands where you live is vitally important.

You might be a builder or plumber from Rutherglen, maybe you run a bar or restaurant in downtown Glasgow, perhaps you own a hardware store or operate a mobile beauty salon around Clydebank.

The truth is you want to attract people from your local area through your website and focus on those who are likely to become customers or clients.

What is local SEO?

If you’ve ever been on a search engine like Google and entered a term like ‘best cafes in Glasgow’, you will most likely have been presented with a first page that contains a map along with various listings of the city area. Below this will be around 5 to 10 organic search results for bars, cafes and restaurants in and around Glasgow.

This first page is important because it’s most generally the only one that people searching the internet tend to look at. If your business isn’t displayed here, chances are it’s not going to be noticed at all.

Essentially, local SEO is designed to give you more than an odds on chance of appearing high in the rankings for searches. Create the right type of content and put in place all the appropriate SEO elements and your business entry should be one of the first people see when they go online and carry out a search.

Why hire a local SEO agency

There are plenty of marketing businesses online and you have the choice of using an agency from anywhere in the world. Many will make bold claims about what they can do for your online visibility, some are even quite good.

But there’s no real substitute for an SEO specialist who understands your local area. Having worked for clients across regions such as Glasgow, Paisley, Edinburgh and Dundee, I understand the benefits of local knowledge.

Knowledge of the area

It’s not just where the streets are and how your business fits into the local landscape but the way the people think and act. It’s also about understanding what’s important to them. SEO is more than just throwing a few keywords onto a page and hoping for the best. If you’re looking to feature on local searches, it’s critical to know who the competition is and what helps you stand apart from them.

Knowing the local trends in the area is an advantage. Every location has a distinct marketing trend going for it. In other words, you can predict the target audience tide. They may then give you new suggestions to enhance your conversions. Thus, if you live in Glasgow, it would be best to hire an SEO expert from Glasgow. There’s no other way around targeting directly your potential customers in the area than to hire someone who knows the area well.

Easier to contact

A local SEO is much easier to contact and build a relationship with. Many agencies operate at arm’s length, often only contacting their clients when there is a problem or they need payment. Local SEOs can set up a face to face meetings and get to know your business more intimately. They develop a real feel for what you are all about and bring this into their digital marketing including SEO.

In addition, hiring a local SEO team means that you are on the same page. Search engine optimization does not always guarantee excellent and fast results; that’s why intensive inbound marketing planning is a must. This is why living in the same timezone and having the same work cultures help in making the work easier. The priorities will match.

A personal approach

We’ve all got used to working remotely in the past year because of the Covid pandemic. There’s no real substitute for the personal touch, however, and that’s what working with a local SEO expert brings.

Hiring a local SEO firm includes services tailored to your needs. You will receive a comprehensive step-by-step plan for increasing your local audience share. If they are from the region, this digital marketing strategy will complement the local flavour. Keywords, segment research, and interest gauges will all be customized to meet your requirements.

A local SEO strategy that fits your local needs will result in better outcomes.

Better SEO outcomes

Finally, I firmly believe that working with a local SEO specialist delivers the best outcomes and gives your business the perfect launching pad for attracting customers, selling your products or services or creating brand awareness online.

If you’d like to find how I can help your Glasgow business thrive online, contact me today.


As a small business owner, the last thing you’d want to experience is to waste money. Therefore, collaborating with a local SEO company might help you with your finances. Having an in-house SEO team can be a good option; however, it does not guarantee good results in the end. Plus, you’d be paying them and for the SEO tools. Imagine paying for a team without a definite good outcome. 

But asking a localized SEO company with their local SEO package guarantees a good result. You will pay for a complete local SEO service, including their tools- everything is bundled together. Therefore, you’d be able to save more. Further, a local SEO expert costs less than an online SEO firm.

In Glasgow? Hire an SEO expert from Glasgow

With all these terms- organic traffic, website traffic, link building, local search results, and such may be floating in your head. You can’t just ignore these words; you have to know and understand them deeply. But if you really can’t, you can also ask for help.

If you are living in Glasgow, and your local business needs some booming. We know exactly what you need- local SEO marketing. We know the latest trends in our area, and we know every corner of this place, and yes, we will help you.

Get in touch with us to know more about local SEO and how it can help you and your business grow.

Mark Slorance
Mark Slorance

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