Local SEO In Glasgow, what is Local SEO?


Think of it this way – let’s say you want to find a restaurant in your area, what do you do? You go online and search for it! When you have a medical problem and you need the phone number for the clinic in your area, what action do you take? You go to Google. Fourty six percent of all searches on Google are local searches, and that’s why businesses everywhere have started to invest in local Search Engine Optimisation Strategies.


Local SEO In Glasgow – Why It’s Important

Local SEO may be confusing to a lot of people, but the principles nesting behind it are simple. Despite what you may think, when it comes to Local SEO in Glasgow, there is no magic formula behind it, it’s more about hard work in the right areas. When you run a website, you want to get it to the top of the rankings in Google and other search engines for your location. In order to accomplish this, there are some key principles you can follow.

How Can Local SEO Boost Your Business?

Local SEO is an important part of an effective marketing and business development strategy, especially if your company provides products or services that are focussed on a specific geographic region. If you are targeting clients that are local, then it often makes sense to skip past traditional, generic SEO and focus on targeted local SEO. For example, if your business is in Glasgow, and provides  carpet cleaning services, then you’re going to want to put some thought into local SEO Glasgow to maximise your engagement with people using location specific searches.

Local SEO consists of a wide array of techniques that website owners use in order to get the highest rankings for local searches. As an example, let’s say you’re a doctor in a Glasgow’s Southside, your patients will most often be people that reside in the Southside rather than from the entire country/city.

When Google launched their Local SEO algorithms, they made it clear that local businesses have a special place in their search engine. Slorryy SEO has proven experience and expertise in understanding how these algorithms work and what you can do to leverage the maximum possible benefit from them for your business.


Local SEO Glasgow – Quick Checklist

To help you on begin your Local SEO journey, we have developed the following checklist:

1. Website Design – Does your site load quickly and cleanly? You need to ensure your website is designed in a way that synchronises with your product, the culture of the local area and your target customers’ profile.

2. Optimisation – We suggest optimising your website for certain keywords, customers, geography, and products. These four factors should be balanced, or they won’t function together effectively, in the same way that a chair would be unstable if it were missing a leg or one leg was longer than the others.

3. Build Links – In order to get your site ranked for a certain keyword, you need to build links. This needs to be a controlled and gradual process, in order to make sure that Google and other search engines don’t mistakenly categorise your site as a source of spam or other undesirable content.

4. Local Directories – Have your website listed in local directories. Go ahead and drop your links into as many local directories as you possible can.

5. Where you are unsure, seek professional support – Slorryy SEO will help you to maximise your return on your investment in SEO and achieve outstanding results in a much shorter period of time,  Contact Slorryy SEO for an initial conversation about your requirements and how we can help.

Mark Slorance
Mark Slorance

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